The Untaming

Learning to build missional community in secular France

The story so far

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The blogosphere bloats by one more self-indulgent stream-of-consciousness?  Possibly.  But the journey of the last few years has been eye-opening and mind-bending as I start to understand a little more about what following Jesus Christ might actually mean in our post-Christian culture.  But a journey needs a journal, so this is it.  Hopefully it can strike a chord with others, spur a little reflection or debate, and perhaps help me collect my thoughts and consolidate the learning.

The story so far, in a nutshell –

Uncomfortably aware of the irrelevance of the church to many (most!), yet fundamentally convinced that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the most life-giving news there is, I was at a bit of a loss as to how to reconcile the gap.  But over the last couple of years I have been struck by the challenge to really roll up my sleeves and live missionally, in community, and with distinctiveness that comes from properly holding Jesus as Lord.  This is a big transition as it threatens all my comfort zones, disrupts my mental models of life, and challenges my middle-class mediocrity.  In the midst of it all I’m trying to discern a vocation in amongst the overall sense of calling to this, and to find practical ways to express the new theory I’ve come to accept.

Hence this blog to try to document what I’m learning and struggling to put into practice.

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