The Untaming

Learning to build missional community in secular France

Finding workers for the harvest

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So that’s it, our home group is closed and our ‘gospel community’ (still without a name) is born! This week we made the transition and prayed for each other as we “go on mission together with God”.

We’re small in number, novices at all this, and wondering where all this will take us. It feels like a few more in our core team would be helpful. One of the prayers we are praying is Luke 10:2 “Lord of the harvest, send workers…”.   I prayed this as I walked into my workplace this week and two hours – two hours! – later I found out over lunch that a colleague was actually a committed Christian!  We now have a group of three and should meet up next week to pray for the advance of the gospel in our workplace.

Two of our team were at a girls’ night out the other night, and mentioned our new initiative.  There was some interest from ‘non-Churchgoing believers’ and from a couple of girls who are spiritually curious but not necessarily card-carrying Christians!  Perhaps there is a person of peace there…

I start to wonder: perhaps these are the people that we should be starting with, rather than trying to recruit more ‘core team’ members from our church.  Driven to prayer once again!

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