The Untaming

Learning to build missional community in secular France

Start with prophecy and evangelism

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I spoke to an experienced pioneer of missional communities yesterday and asked for a bit of advice as we start our own group here at home.  His reply was challenging and not quite what I was expecting and went something like (I paraphrase):

“Rather than focus on the social action side right now, find the people of peace.  If you don’t know who they are, pray.  Even better, go to places where your ‘target’ community hangs out in twos or threes and pray and see who you are led to and what God says about where you should focus or what the needs are.  One approach is to actually start by asking God for a description of the person in whom He is already working.  Write down what you think he says and when you find the person who fits the bill, go up to them and ask them if they need prayer.

In this way you are joining in with God’s work and being led by him. So focus on prophesy and evangelism to start.”

So the answer is… seek the Lord’s face! Again. When will I learn?

One thought on “Start with prophecy and evangelism

  1. I’m fascinated to see the thinking that’s going into this project – I’ll be praying that the action follows. Of course, if the “person(s) of peace” to whom God leads you turn out not to have anywhere to sleep tomorrow evening, you’ll be transitioning from prophetic evangelism to social action pretty fast…

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