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Quite FRANKly my dear, I’m going on mission!

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I wish I had read the excellent little book Therefore Go by Andrew Baughen before our group reflected on our individual missional visions. In the book Andrew uses the word FRANK as a way to think through people with whom you have existing relationships.

  • F – Friends (existing, lapsed and potential)
  • R – Relatives (family members who don’t yet know Christ)
  • A – Associates (at work)
  • N – Neighbours (in your street, working in local shops, at the gym, known through local activities,…)
  • K – Kids (parents of your children’s friends)

It’s a helpful way of thinking through where God has already placed you.  You are almost certainly the only Christian that some people in each of these categories know.  What a responsibility! If we don’t pray for them and serve them, who will?

(Thanks to Tim Chester for the book suggestion in the first place)

One thought on “Quite FRANKly my dear, I’m going on mission!

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