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Learning to build missional community in secular France

Lessons from a year of missional community, part 5

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Continuing this little series on what I feel I’ve learned from a year or so of trying to pioneer a missional community…. with something that turned out to be extremely helpful for me.

5. Get plugged in

There gets to a stage where reading books isn’t enough!  Fairly early on I realised that I needed to speak to other people who have walked this road before; other mission-minded people who have built (or who are building) similar communities of people on mission together.

In my case, this took a bit of searching. My church is not particularly ‘into’ pioneering mission. I’m not in a situation where I have really any examples I know of  that are really close to home.  But the wonders of the Internet and the ‘fraternal spirit of missional pioneers’ mean that it is actually quite possible to chat to more experienced practitioners, share stories and concerns, and ask questions when nothing seems to be happening despite all your prayers and efforts!

The list of people who have shared their time and wisdom with me is long.  With some people it’s been an email or blog exchange, with others a single skype call, with a few it’s been a regular chat every month or two.  All these have been invaluable in bringing wisdom and encouragement.

If you are trying to pioneer a new expression of mission – do get plugged in.

A few places to start – there are plenty more (please suggest some!)

  • 3DM (US and UK) (am finding their monthly coaching calls really helpful)
  • Crowded House (found their ‘House party’ a great way of seeing this stuff in practice)
  • The Order of Mission (full of pioneers who are happy to share their experiences – I’ve spoken to wonderful people from France to Australia)


One thought on “Lessons from a year of missional community, part 5

  1. Excellent – I’ll be talking about missional communities a lot at the forthcoming school of culture at St Michael’s – all welcome (I expect!)

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