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Missional Community Rhythms: Ouch!

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How do you find the right rhythm for your missional community?

Mention the word ‘rhythms’ or ‘schedule’ to people in our missional community and they will probably roll their eyes.  It’s not been an easy area for us – and I suspect I bear a lot of the responsibility of us oscillating trying to find the right routine (as you will see when I explain what we  have tried!)

Missional Community CalendarIt has been tricky balancing the three dimensions of UPwards focus to God, INwards focus of building community, and OUTwards focus to bless others; whilst not overburdening people with too many scheduled events.   And it has been difficult to find the balance between organised meetings and leaving room for the organic and spontaneous.

Some of this may well be because we are a little sub-scale: a few more ‘core families’ could take the pressure of most of us needing to show each time to maintain momentum.  Anyway, this is the journey we’ve been on. I will spread it over a few posts to make it bearable!

In the next post, I will talk about our first year of missional community – and the big mistake I made as we transitioned from a classic home group format…


One thought on “Missional Community Rhythms: Ouch!

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