The Untaming

Learning to build missional community in secular France


Greetings from the Western suburbs of Paris, France –

Western Europe is a very secular place.  There are some vestiges of Christian culture but many people have been inoculated against the message of Jesus (they have seen institutional church and found it wanting) and many more have practically no contact or knowledge of anything resembling the Christian gospel.

The methods of ‘doing church’ that worked during Christendom (roughly 300-1950 AD) are not succeeding at communicating the life-giving message of Jesus Christ into this Post-Christendom secular situation. Traditional church still reaches some parts of society, but new missionary enterprises and innovations are needed to reach most people.

This blog represents notes from our journey to build a missional community here in the Paris suburbs, to be an extended spiritual family on mission together.  We want to learn to be a blessing to our neighbourhood, grow in Christian character and competency, and learn to be disciples who can make disciples.

I’m just trying to capture some notes along the way as we try to live a more obedient, reckless, joy-filled apprenticeship under Jesus Christ, and share His love with others.  You are invited to join the conversation.

— Richard


One thought on “About

  1. Hello Richard,
    I finished the book from Mike Breen but wasn’t sure how to start. Finding your blog is a great help and encouragement. Thanks for pioneering!

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