The Untaming

Learning to build missional community in secular France


What our neighbour thinks

First thanks to Richard for allowing me to post on this blog. I’ll take some time to explain who we are in another post, but for the moment it’s enough to know that we’re a family on mission in France. I hope you find this first content useful.

We recently spent an evening in discussion (mostly listening) with a normal French woman regarding her views on Christianity, scripture and spirituality in general. Here is a brief report of what was shared. There may be no original ideas in all this, but I thought it could be a good to circulate further as my feeling is that these views are quite representative of a large part of the French population. I should clearly write this up in French too, and I hope to get round to that one day but it would take me too long right at this moment.

What is scripture for you? Where did these books come from?
 – Well Jesus was a great moral teacher with a influential way of life. Various texts were written about him, and the ones we have today as ‘scripture’ were selected by some central authority with an agenda to get people to believe what they wanted them to.
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